A sense of deja-vu for Ferrari?

A sense of deja-vu for Ferrari?

This is a short paragraph stating facts, describing Ferrari’s situation.

Seven years have passed since a Ferrari driver won the title. The team struggles with the turbo engine, with no wins or poles scored. They lie down in fourth in the constructors’ table, with just a couple of podiums and nothing more. Their challenge is spearheaded by a beloved Latin driver that’s currently fifth in the drivers’ standings, way above expected. The second driver is a Nordic spirit having more issues in understanding the difficult car, currently at the end of the top 10 in the standings. There is a massive change in terms of management at Ferrari, amid claims that the current state of F1 is unappealing to the marque, contemplating an exit, at least verbally. All in all, a year to forget.

Perfectly applicable in 2014? Yet still, I’m talking about 1986.

F1-86 0942

Replace the F14T with the F1-86, Alonso with Alboreto, Raikkonen with Johansson and so on. There was a revolution with John Barnard coming at Ferrari (although not quite, since he demanded to remain in an office in Britain), just like we had this year with the dismissal of Stefano Domenicali and ultimately the end of di Montezemolo’s lengthy reign. We made a bridge over time from 2014 to 1986 in comparing Ricciardo and Prost as outsiders in the championship fight, but here we have a second similarity. It remains to be seen if the current drivers can match the 6 podiums tally of ’86, since Alonso only scored two until Singapore. Moreover, they still aim for third place in the constructors, as Williams is not far ahead. A small objective for such a big team.

All in all, a year to forget.